Site News - Tuesday 12 July 2011


I have now added a page of family history detailing my maternal grandfather's service in the Royal Navy from 25 September 1912 to 24 September 1924.  Please note that the images in this section are not mine.  I have used publicly accessible images from the Internet to illustrate the ships on which my grandfather served.

Site News - Monday 04 July 2011


I have added a new section to the site entitled "Casualties".  The name may seem odd to anyone who has not served in the British Army, but it is intended to cover more or less any even of any significance that has occurred to any ship that I have photographed.  I will try to update it monthly for routine news but, if there is anything of particular significance, I will try to add it as soon as I have sufficient relevant information.


The "hit counter" has been updated and reset - the code for the one that I used originally had been copied from another of my sites and it came complete with the count from that site.  So this one starts things off afresh.


Some new links for shipping movement sites have been added to the links section.  I would like to appeal again to any other ship enthusiasts out there who would like me to link to their site.  Just drop me a quick note via the "Contact" page stating the url for your site and I will add it.

Site News - Friday 01 July 2011


The Queen Elizabeth Iberian Serenade series of galleries is now complete and a gallery of images taken around Hartlepool on Sunday 26 June 2011 has now been added.  Some consolidation work and generaly tidying up still needs to be done but I believe that the site has probably now reached the stage where I regard it as fully operational.  As with all websites, it will continue to evolve over time and, obviously, I will continue to add images and notes as soon as is practicably possible after I have taken them.  Please stay with me and follow my various alarms and excursions around the various locations in my stamping ground of the North East of England and my annual holiday during the course of which Cunard very kindly provide one of their ships to act as my "tripod".

Site News - Tuesday 14 June 2011


Well, the new site is now about three days into its career and things are slowly beginning to come together.  I now have three galleries on the site, two of which do not contain my usual notes as the images were taken too long ago for my rapidly failing memory to remember all the details of what went on.  I have also now added Google Map functionality to each gallery so that visitors can see the locations from which the photos were taken. 


Work is still very much in progress though and I am still exploring all the functionality that comes with the Jimdo Pro package.  Developments in the near future should include the establishment of an operational links page listing other similar sites.  If you would like to me to add a link to your site please get in touch and I will gladly do so.  I am hoping to get out this weekend with the camera down to Goole and the Trent so that may well generate another gallery but, even if it doesn't, I am planning to include at least some of the stuff from our last cruise which has not yet been published anywhere.  So, as the old saying goes - watch this space.

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