Other Shipping Related Sites




Equasis - free, but requires registration

Miramar Ship Index - requires registration and small annual subscription

Shipspotting.com - very comprehensive searchable archive of ship photos.  Very useful for checking identies

ABP Humber Movements - ABP movements listings for the Humber, Ouse and Trent

PD Teesport Movements - PD Teesport movements listings for the Tees and Hartlepool

Gibraltar Movements - Port of Gibraltar shipping movements.  Indispensible site for checking on movements of ships calling at Gibraltar for bunkers.

Port Arrivals - Useful site for checking on port calls.  Can be searched by ship or by port.  Data sometimes seem slightly unreliable, and dates can be confusing as the site logs the arrival date but not the departure.

Martitime Traffic - Searchable AIS site giving some historic movement data for individual ships as well as live maps etc.  Navigating the site can be confusing and the date range of the data is often limited.  Useful nonetheless.

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