Queen Elizabeth Iberian Serenade

19 April - 30 April 2011

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In this section I have included a small selection of images from Queen Elizabeth's Iberian Serenade cruise that we took in April 2011.  These are not exclusively ship photographs as I have tried to mix things up with some general photography from the shore excursions and port calls.  Also, I have tried to be highly selective in the ship photos that I have included.  The final score for new ship sightings on this cruise was well over 200 but many of the images are of poor quality and are suitable for record purposes only. 


To navigate this section you can either click on the place marker on the Google Map or on the textual link in the itinerary below the map  - either of these options will take you to the appropriate gallery.   



19 April : Departure from Southampton

22 April:  Lisbon

24 April:  Santa Cruz de Tenerife

25 April:  Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

26 April:  Funchal, Madeira

28 April:  Vigo

30 April:  Return to Southampton


Queen Elizabeth Interiors  All images taken by me in the course of the Iberian Serenade Cruise


Ships on passage  This gallery displays selected photos of ships seen "on passage".  Most of the images were captued in or around the Bay of Biscay on the outbound and inbound legs from and to Southampton.

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