Adonia - Mediterranean and Black Sea


By Jim Collins


This, the second of my guest galleries, contains photographs taken by my friend Jim Collins.  Jim spends most of his sea time on board Cunard ships, QM2 in particular but, in September this year, he jumped ship to P&O, travelling to the Black Sea on board Adonia.  The photographs here are a small selection from that cruise.  I have not attempted to place the photos in any particular chronological order - rather I have grouped them roughly according to the type of ship shown in the images.  Once again, where the amount of information to be presented justified it, I have used "splash screens" to present more details of the ship concerned.  In other places I have used my old trick of presenting multiple indentical images in order to display additional inormation.  Not many images in this one but there's a lot of quality here.

Veendam - New York to Bermuda


by Gail Bean


I included one "guest gallery" in my former site so this is not entirely a new initiative. I will include guest galleries subject to availability of material and availability of space.  So, this first one is from the same person who provided the images for the gallery on my last site, Gail Bean from Connecticut.  Gail's last cruise to Bermuda was in 2009 on Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Sea.  This year she decided to cruise with Holland America Line on Veendam which is one of their smaller cruise ships.  I have not tried to follow a chronological sequence with this gallery, instead I have split the photos into two groups namely, those from New York and those from Bermuda.  Also, because the notes that accompany each image are limited by the software to a maximum of 255 characters, I have tried out the use of "splash screens" to present larger amounts of information.  Please feel free to give me any feedback (positive or negative) about what you think of this approach. I hope you enjoy Gail's photos as much as I did.

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