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I have been photographing ships on a regular basis since 2003.  Originally my interest was confined pretty much to the ports in the North East of England with occasional forays accross the Pennines to Liverpool.  However, in 2007 my wife and I threw large quantities of the family finances at a cruise on QE2 and, from that moment, we were firmly enmeshed in the highly addictive activity of cruising with Cunard.  Since then we have travelled on all the other Cunard ships, our voyages taking us from Turkey in the east to the USA and Canada in the west with many port calls in countries in between.  This considerably broadened my horizons from my original somewhat restricted perspective although I would have to say that I usually don't have to wait for long at any port in any country before a ship that I had first photographed in Goole or on the Tees turns up.


My original web site, called Shipping - Tyne to Humber, disappeared down the vortex of history when the hosting site went bankrupt early in 2011. That site had become very large with several thousand images in numerous galleries and I have absolutely no intention of trying to reinvent the wheel by recreating that site here. So this is really a fresh start - although I will do my level best to continue to present the images in a style that is as close as possible to the original site. I like to try to present the photos from a single ship photography "expedition" in a dedicated gallery and to provide notes that tell a coherent narrative describing the day, or port call, or whatever the occasion was. If it is possible to do so I try to provide several images of each ship that illustrate it from different angles or against different backgrounds. Where this is the case, the description of the ship and any other relevant information is presented with the first photograph in the sequence. When a given ship is being shown on the site for the first time I will also provide such basic technical details as I have been able to obtain (specifically: gross tonnage, deadweight tonnage, year built, builder, yard number, country and port of registration, and any previous names). I also try to provide any information on the ship's movements prior to and after the sighting, although this is not always possible.


What you will not find on this site are any technical data on the photographs themselves. I do a certain amount of post-processing on all my images using a very elderly version of Photoshop 5.0 and this not only destroys the xif data, but renders the camera settings in use at the moment the photo was taken totally meaningless. This post-processing is not something that causes me the slightest anxiety, stress, angst, or loss of sleep - I like to present my images looking as good as I can make them so, by the time you see them on here, they will have been cropped as necessary and the levels, saturation, and sharpness will have been adjusted.





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